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Office Balance 


Flexible, suitable for daily use and time-efficient, my online course supports your team! Participants can expect different combinations of yoga on the mat and at the desk, mindfulness exercises, and journaling questions to make lasting changes in their daily office life. A course for mental and physical health.

Course Programm


How about more relaxation for your team? A sustainable team workshop that supports your team holistically on their way to a relaxed, back-fit and happier office life with a focused impulse?

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Activity Yoga Breaks

Bring new spirit and positive energy into your team meetings. How about an online office yoga session of 15-20 minutes as a start of the team meeting or as a "break" for the next business workshop or as an health event?

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Office Yoga for sustainable relaxation

Looking for an activity for your next team event? You want to offer your employees a workshop that will sustainably support them in their daily work, keep them relaxed and fit? A team workshop that lifts the team mood, creates a relaxed atmosphere and increases well-being? I support you as an Office Balance Coach with a digital event that relaxes your team, increases well-being and has a proven lasting effect on everyday work!

Then the team workshop "Office Balance" is just right for you and your team! The workshop builds on a triad of yoga, mindfulness training and reflection, for a maximum, lasting effect for your team! Even after the workshop, your team will benefit from a small e-book with exercises for everyday use in the office and home office.

The occasions are different, whether it is a Christmas party, a team event, a summer party or a health day - with the Office Balance workshop you support your team to experience a relaxed, back-fit and happier working day.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Kirsten Schneider

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How about a relaxing program for your team event? Whether as a short break during an intensive workshop or as an intensive Office Balance Workshop, choose for yourself how you want to support your team!

Take your team event to the next level: back fit, relaxed, happy and sustainable!

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Hello I'm Kirsten! 

I guide your team step by step through the "Office Balance- back friendly. relaxed. happy." yoga & reflection course, as well as workshops.

My mission is to bring more relaxation into the offices of this world by yoga, awareness training and reflexion.

I am a marketing manager, a cheerful person, a yoga teacher and an office yoga expert. Office Balance was born out of my heart's desire to support managers on their way to a relaxed, happy workday. The focus is on the needs of the Modern Way of Working: flexible, time efficient, effective.

I am looking forward to meet you and your team and to exchange ideas for a back friendly and anti-stress programm for your team over a virtual coffee!

Best regards,

Kirsten Schneider


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Office Balance Yoga mit Kirsten

What my clients say about me...  

Virtual break with an energy-kick

"In times of Covid, workshops are often conducted remotely, technical topics can be handled professionally and methodically without loss of quality. Social interaction, on the other hand, is particularly challenging to master in remote workshops - Office Yoga offers a great opportunity to experience a virtual break together and then dive into the content topics with fresh energy. Our workshop participants were very pleased with the short break and also during further breaks we had very positive discussions about the shared experience. Office Yoga helped us unite the workshop team."

Maximilian Esser

Office Yoga as a weekly highlight

"Office Yoga with Kirsten was always a highlight for our department. Once a week, we worked together with Kirsten - each at his or her preferred location - to release the tensions of everyday life. For all those who work a lot at the PC absolutely recommended. Of course, it is also ideal for everyone else to get a good start in yoga or to deepen their knowledge. With her friendly and open manner, Kirsten manages to motivate even the last sporty person. Five out of five *****"

Schimon M. Porcher

Office Balance- Online Course

My online video course guides your team step by step towards a healthy back, relaxed and happy workday with 14 modules. Office Balance focuses on the needs of managers and combines effectively and time-efficiently over 14 weeks

  • Office Yoga sessions at the desk
  • Yoga on the mat at home
  • Mindfulness exercise for in-between sessions
  • Reflection- Workbook to make lasting changes in everyday office life

. . . for a relaxed working atmosphere and a happy team.

How would it be if your team could keep fit in the long term with only 15 minutes a day, is more relaxed and masters its working day with motivation?

Yes, my team is ready for office-balance!
Office Yoga mit Kirsten Schneider

Yoga Videos for office and home

Soothing, short yoga sessions for at your desk and on your mat to . ..

  • release tension

  • build muscles

  • relax
Yoga mit Kirsten Schneider

Live Yoga and Q&A

Live yoga as well as inspiration and Q&A sessions to . . .

  • boost motivation

  • clarify questions

  • experience a sense of unity

Reflection-Workbook & mindfulness exercises

Questions and mindfulness exercises on 67 pages to . . .

  • be more aware of everyday life

  • set goals

  • live happy, fit and relaxed

What will your team learn in the online course? 

This course includes yoga exercises, mindfulness training and formulation of questions...

  • to release back tension independently to prevent back pain

  • to be more mindful in the daily work routine in order to reduce the consequences of stress

  • create more space for relaxation by taking short breaks, in order to achieve their full performance potential in the long term

  • bring calmness to challenges in order to keep a clear head

  • reorganize their daily work life to be happier and feel more comfortable at work

Insights into the Office Balance - 14 weeks programm

Yoga | Awareness | Reflection


Course Programm

- healthy back, relaxed and happy at home and in the office!

Office Balance- back fit. relaxed. happy. awaits the participant with 14 modules. The course can be completed in 14 days as an intensive course, in 14 weeks or flexibly over a year. The modules build on each other and focus on yoga at the desk, yoga on the mat, mindfulness exercises and reflection questions.

Kirsten accompanies your team step by step to a relaxed office routine with yoga. Participants receive access to the course content for 12 months.

office balance programm
Achtsamkeit leben
Mit kleinen Pausen zu mehr Entspannung
Lerne dich wahrzunehmen im Berufsalltag am Schreibtisch
dein Anti-Stress Programm
Morgenroutine Tipps
Positive Energie - komm in deine Balance
Schlafprobleme lösen und entspannt einschlafen mit diesen Tipps
Routine entwickeln
Prävention los lassen lernen

Office Balance- Business

On Request

12 months access

  • 14 Module with 36 Videos
    • Office Yoga Sessions at the desk
    • Yoga Sessions on the mat
    • Meditation sessions
  • Printable digital Workbook: 15 in depth reflection chapters (67 pages)
  • Office Balance Community Access on LinkIn to share with liked-minded people
  • BONUS: live yoga once a month, plus new videos in member library
  • BONUS: Live Q&A once a month
  • BONUS: blog posts to inspire you to achieve more Office Balance
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Make an appointment to get to know each other and discuss all questions about the Office Balance Course.

I look forward to supporting your team on the journey to more Office Balance!

Kirsten Schneider

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What does your Team need for the course?

  • Office Yoga:
    • Desk
    • Chair
    • Outfit: everyday waer
  • Yoga on the Mat: 
    • Yoga/Fitness Mat
    • Yoga Block/ Book
    • Blanket
    • Outfit: casual/sport
  • Reflection:
    • printed Workbook
    • Pen

Are experiences required?

This video course guides participants step-by-step through the yoga sessions. No knowledge of yoga is required. The course is designed for total yoga beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

How much time does the course take?

The course is divided into 14 modules. Each module requires a total of approximately 45 minutes of time. The modules consist of sessions of yoga (15-20 minutes), mindfulness exercises (5 minutes), and reflection (15 minutes). The units can be completed independently over a period of time. The course is designed to be flexible to fit into a manager's day. Participants have access to the course material for 12 months.